How did “Hope of America” start?

“Hope of America” was created 16 years ago by Kathy Macdonald with America’s Freedom Festival in Provo, Utah. Each year nearly 8000 elementary school children from 72 schools (including charter, private and home schools) come together and present songs of hope, service and patriotism. This year, every elementary school in the state of Utah will be invited to participate in this free program, making it the biggest patriotic celebration of its kind in the country.


What grade levels is “Hope of America” designed for?

“Hope of America” is primarily designed for upper elementary school aged children (grades 3-6) and also middle school age students. It can be performed by a single class, grade level, multiple upper grades, district or multiple districts. Because all students learn the song phrasing exactly the same way, it allows for bigger productions to easily take place with minimal rehearsals.


Is this program really free?

Yes. With support from the Lieutenant Governor’s Commission on Civic and Character Education, and the donated talents of Classroom Classics, Prime Records, and show creator Kathy Macdonald, “America’s Freedom Foundation” is offering this free musical program packet to every elementary school in the state of Utah. This packet includes everything needed to put on an individual school performance and/or can be used as a valuable teaching resource in the classroom.

Supplemental materials such as visual aids (music DVD’s), student practice CD’s, sheet music and Hope of America T-shirts are also available to enhance your school program. Due to the manufacturing costs associated with these optional materials, they are available for purchase at deeply discounted prices.


Can I make copies of your CD’s?

Each school is receiving one free musical program packet which has been paid for with a grant from the Lieutenant Governor’s Commission on Civic and Character Education and America’s Freedom Foundation. Music royalties associated with this program are also paid for through this grant and entitle each school one (1) CD. This does NOT grant permission to replicate and distribute additional copies of the music in any form. This would be a direct violation of international copyright laws.


If I purchase the other materials that are optional, how long will it take to get my order?

We make every effort to ship all orders within 3 to 5 days of receiving it. Our standard shipping method is US FIRST CLASS mail. Those who would like us to rush ship orders via UPS or Fed Ex may do so by contacting us and paying the additional shipping costs.


How much do you charge for shipping?

All domestic orders are shipped via US Postal Service and are charged 10% for shipping/handling expenses.


How Can I contact you?

Feel free to contact us via e-mail at or by phone 801-818-1771.